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The Marriage Course



I know what you're thinking...two Saturday mornings being lectured by vicars sounds terrible...we agree.  


So we don't do that.


Instead the course uses video, music and exercises for each couple to help make their marriage last a lifetime. There is no public sharing, or anything embarrassing and no-one has to say anything if they don't want to.  It is however an investment in time in starting some conversations and ideas that may protect your most precious possession...your marriage.


The course has been tremendously popular over the years, and the comments below are all genuine and taken from the feedback forms we ask everyone to fill in.  The course is lighthearted, but with a very serious purpose...ensuring that your marriage enriches your whole life together.


Actual Comments from Course attendees   -   'It has been an exceptional experience. I thought I knew about this...but what I learnt was quite different. Really interesting'     'I thoroughly enjoyed it!'        'Thanks for your help'        'Well delivered, well presented'    'Not what I expected...but in a good way!'    'Made me feel relaxed'.


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