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"What difference does what you believe make?"

Designed to supplement the Senior School RE syllabus, and PSHE programmes, we now offer (since 2012), powerful interviews with people whose lives have been dramatically changed by what they believe.


They are interviewed for 50 mins about what their life used to be...and what it has now become

Hard questions and Honest answers...Personal questions about how their beliefs have shaped their lives.     Questions are encouraged from the audience


Every session begins with a video introducing their previous life...but after 20 mins questions about their early life…we then show a second video which introduces something about their life now…showing the changes their beliefs have made.


Our interviewees include...


Trawlerman to Church Leader

Troubled nurse to Children worker in Zimbabwe

Career Criminal to Community Leader

Royal Marine to Homeless leader

'Ordinary' Cleaner who refuses to hate those who murdered her family


"Because what you believe will decide what you become"


Due to the sensitive subject matter we recommend that Senior RE Team is not suitable for Primary schools

Senior RE Team

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