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Superintendent's Christmas Message.

In many ways, this year has flown! The year 2018 certainly has. However for the people called Methodists our church year only started in September! For some other Christians in other denominations the start of the church year is marked with the beginning of Advent.

There are so many different ways of marking time.

Advent is a time for preparing, waiting and finding the sacred presence of God as we wait for Immanuel. Immanuel in its Hebrew translation means ‘God with Us’ – but more specifically ‘With us God’ – and I think there is a difference.

May the ‘With Us God’ be truly present at our starting and our stopping – in our beginnings and in our endings.

May this Advent be a time of reflection – and may we remember that although we are in the season of Advent awaiting the Christ-child – we live in Advent times ALL THE TIME - awaiting Christ’s return.

Have a peaceful Christmas and blessings for 2019.

Rev Jo A.Siddall - Superintendent for the Rotherham and Dearne Valley Methodist Circuit

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