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Ministers Easter Message 2018

At the start of lent I asked us to imagine a Easter without chocolate, Easter bunnies and egg hunts. Easter has become more commercial and with that the true meaning of Easter seems to be diminishing. Therefore, as we celebrate this year I would like us to think about that first Easter. The horror of watching a son or your Rabbi being tormented and flogged. The long walk to Golgotha and then the horrors of watching someone crucified. As much as it was part of normal life; there was something different this time. Jesus died, all of his family and friends were grieving not knowing what would happen next. While they are experiencing that grief; they also experience great joy to see Jesus risen.

As we have spent 40 days of lent in the wilderness, it is almost time to leave. As we are leaving it’s time to stop, and like Elijah take some time to be with God on the mountain top. After Elijah had been walking for 40 days and nights he came to Mount Horeb - a place of silence. He found God in the still small voice. The wilderness experience helped Elijah to hear God differently and more closely. I hope and pray that our wilderness experience has encouraged each of us to experience God in a new way, that we can take with us.

Happy Easter everyone

Love and Peace

Rev Karen Beecham

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