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Holiday Clubs



The  Methodist Church has been holding Holiday Clubs for over a hundred years and 1000's of  children have enjoyed the fun, music, stories and games that every club contains. We believe this is a great way to teach children about beautiful stories of the Christian faith and the wonderful news about the fullness of life available through Jesus Christ. Several of our churches hold holiday clubs througout the year

Previous Holiday Clubs
Rawmarsh Methodist Church
& Clifton Methodist Church
           Feb 2016
           Despicable (not) Me
               'Following the Best Leader...'
                  Rawmarsh Methodist Church
    Feb 18th - 20th 2015
           Jesus meets the        
                Pirates of the Caribbean
               'Searching for the real treasure...'
                  Rawmarsh Methodist Church
Monday October 27th 2014
     Jesus Christ beats all          
    monsters...even death                       'no fear'
Previous holiday clubs...
Jesus & the Chocolate Factory
'What Jesus says to selfish,
        greedy and angry people...
              and what he gives them...'
Previous holiday clubs...
The Lion, the Witch &
                       the Wardrobe
 'The sacrifice of Aslan...
rescues the traitor Edmund'
Previous holiday clubs...
Joy Story 3 days later
'The happiest story ever...             came out of a graveyard'
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