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Bible Study


Clifton Methodist Church will be running their bible study, the dates are: 

- Wed 21 Nov 2018

- Wed 28 Nov 2018

- Wed 5th Dec 2018

- Wed 12th Dec 2018

The theme for this bible study is "Heralding the king".

Bible Study


Every year we run several series of bible studies, and some of our congregations have weekly groups that meet for study, prayer and discussion. We are a church that enthusistically engages with scripture and wants to apply it to real life, today.


Previous Courses have included:


  • The Fab Four - the 4 greatest ideas in the New Testament

  • Coming Home - Heaven and Hell in Scripture

  • Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Why Worry? - what the Bible has to say about worry and stress

  • Faith versus Science - Has science removed the need for faith?

  • Johns Gospel - and how it Shapes what we believe

  • Introduction to basic Christian beliefs

  • Alpha Course - the World famous 10 week introduction to the Christian faith.




Coming Soon to Central Methodist Church

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